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Preservation Without refrigeration

Hand-Cut steaks

We take the time to process our beef in house to ensure a proper cut & weight.  Our rotating "butcher block" special allows us to offer the best possible cut at the most competitive price.

Chef selected, responsibly sourced & creatively presented; we pick the daises of the dock.



Come in and try one of our small plate appetizers which are built on a foundation of the lost art of Preservation without Refrigeration.


Dining out in downtown

Make your way to historic Main Street, New Iberia.  Walk back in time through our doors and enter a building that predates prohibition.  Share small plate appetizers, fresh seafood, char-grilled steaks & suspiciously grand fishing stories in a social-centered casual atmosphere.  Our special event banquet room is available to host your business seminar, retirement party or wedding reception.  So, sit back, relax & let us cater your evening tonight. 

Help us to preserve the culture, food and music that is uniquely ours. 


Good food takes time

Our dishes are created from our philosophy of, "Preservation Without Refrigeration."  We aim to incorporate old world elements of Smoking, Pickling, Fermentation, Ageing, Salting & Drying into our dishes to pay homage to a method that helped build the human civilization. 

Modern life has made it too easy to drop by the grocery store & purchase processed, machine produced, loveless food.  All our food will be produced in house from scratch, without the addition of unnatural chemicals and artificial dyes.  We hope to expose our guests to an art-form being lost among Louisiana's younger generations. 


So, come in to our historic building, take a seat at our antique tiger oak bar & enjoy food created from a method thousands of years old.

Have a drink

at the bar

The idea of providing a high quality, hand-crafted product to our guests isn't exclusive to the kitchen.  At Preservation, you'll be treated to custom cocktails, built with components thoughtfully cultivated by our resident bar chef.  Through countless hours of research, application, and experimentation, we've developed a bar program that specializes in the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients for classic cocktail components, such as bitters, syrups, and extracts.  Few things compare to the experience of enjoying a local satsuma Old Fashioned on a pre-prohibition bar-top in front of the tiger oak pillars.  


The passion for quality doesn't end with cocktails.  Our team prides themselves on diligently searching for (and subsequently testing) fun, eclectic wines that offer our guests a fine libation to be enjoyed with one of Chef's small plates.  From a Napa Valley Cabernet, to a Montepulciano from the Abruzzo region of Italy, we've had a pretty extensive global tour to bring you a wide range of wines, both red and white, without abandoning some of the classic bottles.  Armed with a extensive base of knowledge and experience, we'll be able to fit the perfect glass to enhance your experience, as well as compliment your plate.  


Our focus on quality always starts with local sources, and our beer selection is no exception.  Along with the standard offerings in domestic and imported beer, we enthusiastically represent our hard-working craft breweries.  Parish, Bayou Teche, Urban South, and many more will have their lagers, ales, pilsners, and bocks ready for you to enjoy.  Our bar manager has maintained a strong rapport with many of the individuals at the different breweries, and will be able to bring all of their flagship beers aboard, as well as their seasonal offerings.


Whether you're looking for a unique cocktail, a sip of wine from the far reaches of the globe, or just a nice glass of rye on the rocks, we'll enjoy pouring it for you.  We truly believe that our historic bar can provide an unrivaled experience, and can't wait to have you as a regular.




Next day reservations made during service hours will be confirmed on the next business day & reservations made on Sunday or Monday will be confirmed Tuesday.

113 E. Main St. New Iberia, Louisiana 70560

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